The specialists at Rodney Raanan comprehend the profound influence your smile exerts on both your appearance and your self-assurance.

While the aspiration for a flawless smile is universal, yours should possess an individualistic essence that harmonizes with and accentuates your innate attributes. Amid the profusion of choices, determining the optimal veneer shape and color to realize your envisioned smile can prove daunting. Enter the realm of expertise with world-renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Rodney Raanan, who aims to streamline this journey, enabling you to discover your tailored and perfected smile easily.


Opting for the appropriate color for your veneers is pivotal in achieving a genuinely authentic smile. A standard veneer color chart features an array of 44 distinct shades systematically categorized based on their undertones and luminosity. Navigating this selection process empowers you to attain the radiant, luminous smile you desire while retaining your innate charm. The primary stride in determining your veneer color involves scrutinizing the undertones of your existing teeth.
You can pinpoint your ideal color category on the chart by identifying whether your teeth exhibit undertones of reddish-brown, reddish-yellow, gray, or reddish-gray. These distinctions may appear nuanced, yet your teeth’ undertone can significantly influence your overall appearance. Once you’ve identified your natural teeth’s undertone, you can select your specific shade from a spectrum of bright-to-dark choices within your designated color category.

The allure of choosing the most dazzling white veneer shade from your designated color chart section might be enticing, yet veering excessively towards brightness can yield veneers that appear contrived and out of sync with your overall features. Thus, the key to attaining a radiant, authentic radiance is to consider the other inherent hues on your face. Your skin tone is often a paramount indicator of how luminous your veneers should be. Lighter skin tones can harmonize with brighter veneer shades to establish contrast.
However, individuals with darker skin tones are advised to avoid the most intensely brilliant veneer shades to evade an unnatural outcome. Should uncertainty loom over whether a particular shade aligns with your skin tone, you can reference the whites of your eyes. A general principle to uphold is never to opt for a veneer shade that surpasses the brightness of your eye whites. Given that your eyes constitute a focal point, your smile should enhance the allure of your eyes rather than divert from their beauty.


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best porcelain dental veneers in Beverly Hills. Let Rodney Raanan help you Own Your Smile™.


From initiating the design process to the ultimate choice, prioritizing proportion and harmony guarantees the most optimal outcomes.

Much like the nuances of your facial tones serve as optimal reference points for selecting the veneer shade that suits you best, your distinct facial attributes and other characteristics can also offer valuable insights into determining your ideal tooth shape. The preliminary measure in refining your assortment of shapes entails identifying your specific face shape. Often, face shapes can be categorized as round, oval, square, or heart-shaped. Opting for longer veneers can contribute to a visually slimming effect on the overall facial aesthetic in round faces.

Conversely, square veneers can confer a sense of proportion to oval-shaped faces. Furthermore, rounded veneers can harmonize with square-shaped faces by mitigating the angular contours of the jawline. Ultimately, rounder veneers and shorter in dimension frequently align harmoniously with heart-shaped faces.

The contour of your teeth can significantly influence your facial features’ portrayal of femininity or masculinity. In broad strokes, well-defined and square attributes convey a more masculine aspect, whereas gentler features contribute to a more feminine countenance.
Consequently, the inclination for squarer veneers to lend a more masculine air and rounded veneers to yield a feminizing effect is quite predictable. While most of us might not instinctively associate our teeth with anti-aging attributes, the shape of your veneers can impact your perceived age. For younger patients, elongated veneers are more apt to enhance their youthful appearance. On the other hand, for those with fine lines or wrinkles around the mouth, more comprehensive veneers can restore the lost volume around the mouth, imparting a smoother, more taut, and youthful visage.


Dr. Rodney Raanan gives an option of porcelain veneers and NuVeneers® in Beverly Hills. Opting for the most appropriate material can profoundly influence your veneers’ appearance and functionality. While porcelain veneers generally prove optimal for more extensive veneer applications, NuVeneers® extend comprehensive customization and may emerge as a superior alternative for individuals necessitating minor adjustments. Dr. Rodney Raanan is dedicated to realizing your dream smile while maintaining an utmost commitment to minimal tooth preparation. Employing top-tier porcelains, they meticulously handcrafted your veneers according to your specific requirements and desired aesthetic.


Although the guidelines above can aid in refining your choices, the diverse array of veneer shapes and shades inherently accommodates individual preferences.
Our aspiration extends beyond mere functionality for your veneers—we strive for their capacity to elevate every facet of your appearance, character, and life. For comprehensive insights into how veneers can revolutionize your appearance and adept counsel in sculpting your ultimate smile, we invite you to visit us at the esteemed Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry establishment by Dr. Rodney Raanan.

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