Maintain the strength and health of your teeth through our expert Beverly Hills fluoride treatment, which involves applying a concentrated fluoride varnish to the exterior of your teeth.

This efficient in-office procedure entails your dentist administering a concentrated fluoride solution to your teeth, bolstering enamel strength and preventing cavity formation.


Fluoride is a natural mineral with the capacity to fortify tooth enamel, thus playing a role in cavity prevention. Moreover, fluoride also restricts the proliferation of bacteria within the oral environment.

Proving beneficial in decelerating or even reversing tooth decay during its initial phases. Tooth enamel erosion is the primary cause of cavities (referred to as “caries”). Our fluoride varnish aids in the replenishment of eroded tooth enamel, protecting against cavities for up to three months. This fluoride dental treatment is particularly effective for adults who have experienced cavities and children who require reinforcement of tooth enamel.


Initially, teeth are cleansed and dried to ready them for the application of fluoride. This step facilitates the bonding of the fluoride varnish to the tooth surface.

During a dental appointment, your hygienist administers a thin layer of fluoride onto the teeth, a process called varnishing. The fluoride varnish solidifies upon contact with saliva.

Before bedtime, excess fluoride is eliminated while brushing teeth, while the already solidified fluoride continues to fortify teeth for several months post-treatment. It is recommended to undergo professional fluoride application four times a year (or every three months) for optimal outcomes.


Numerous individuals at Dr. Rodney Raanan’s Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry have enhanced their oral health using a professional fluoride varnish treatment. This treatment is recommended by both the American Dental Association and the Dental Hygiene Association. Furthermore, it has received approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for its efficacy in preventing cavities.


Refrain from consuming sticky, chewy, or hot foods and beverages on your fluoride varnish treatment day.

Opt for soft foods without refined sugar, like soups, nutritious shakes, or gentle fruits like bananas. Following the varnish application, you should refrain from brushing your teeth for at least four hours. However, patients can resume brushing their teeth before bedtime on the treatment day.


Untreated cavities can result in tooth sensitivity and infections, carrying significant health risks. Neglected cavities can even lead to tooth loss, impacting the affected tooth and neighboring teeth. Fortunately, cavities are avoidable. Alongside fluoride treatment, patients can bolster their teeth enamel by adhering to these dental hygiene guidelines:

Balanced Diet for avoiding cavities

The foundation of cavity prevention lies in maintaining a balanced diet. When oral bacteria metabolize sugars and carbohydrates from consumed food, they generate natural acids capable of weakening tooth enamel. Enamel, the robust protective layer covering the outermost part of the tooth structure, undergoes demineralization, during which it deteriorates. As enamel demineralizes, teeth become less equipped to defend against bacteria and the acids they generate, often culminating in a heightened vulnerability to cavities. Restricting sugar and carbohydrate intake and adequate water consumption diminishes the risk of tooth demineralization.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Effective oral hygiene practices play a pivotal role in preventing cavities. Consistently brushing teeth twice daily and following up with flossing helps eliminate food remnants that draw acid-producing oral bacteria, culprits behind tooth enamel deterioration (demineralization) that triggers cavities. While fluoride toothpaste aids in teeth cleansing, the fluoride concentration in most formulas might not be sufficient for remineralizing teeth. A fluoride varnish expertly administered by a dentist proves significantly more adept at remineralizing teeth to stave off cavity development.

After your fluoride treatment from the esteemed dental professionals at Dr. Rodney Raanan’s, those who have received treatment promptly encounter an array of advantages that become evident right after the procedure. The primary fluoride treatment benefits encompass the following:

  • Enhanced oral health
  • Reduced cavity incidence
  • Rapid in-office procedure
  • Effortless tooth safeguarding
  • Safe and efficient
  • A confident, healthy smile to take pride in

If you’re considering safeguarding your own or your children’s teeth through fluoride treatment, the oral health experts at Rodney Raanan’s Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills are here to assist. Reach out to our office for scheduling at (310) 205-5300 . Our welcoming reception team is eagerly awaiting your call.


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