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Beverly Hills Full-Mouth Reconstruction

For patients who have damaged, severely worn, or missing teeth and are seeking to enhance both the appearance of their smile and restore full mouth function, the skilled full mouth reconstruction Beverly Hills dentists at Dr. Rodney Raanan’s offer a comprehensive solution. This approach addresses a wide range of potential needs, catering to cases ranging from the most intricate to the most straightforward.


Although the term “Full Mouth Reconstruction” might seem overwhelming, restoring your smile doesn’t have to be intimidating. The term can be deceiving because a “Full Mouth Restoration” can involve as little as one or two dental implants or porcelain veneers.
It entails individually rebuilding each tooth that requires attention, and This could involve various techniques and procedures tailored to your specific needs. At Rodney Raanan, we customize every dental reconstruction to suit you perfectly. Our approach is characterized by precision and minimalism – we only perform what is necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
Recognizing that missing or damaged teeth extend beyond mere aesthetics is crucial. While they can certainly impact the visual appeal of your smile, they can also hinder your ability to bite and chew properly. Additionally, damaged teeth may affect speech clarity and dental issues have been associated with various serious health concerns. That’s why we adopt a holistic approach to enhance and improve your smile’s health, function, and appearance.


Your journey toward full mouth reconstruction will commence with a comprehensive dental assessment led by Dr. Rodney or Dr. Raanan. This assessment encompasses a thorough oral examination, complete dental X-rays, the creation of study models of your teeth, and a compilation of your detailed dental history. Drawing insights from this evaluation, Dr. Rodney or Dr. Raanan can determine the suitable options for your case and propose a tailored treatment plan to restore both the aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality of your teeth. Depending on the extent of tooth damage and desired outcomes, one or more of the following dental treatments may be recommended to address your dental concerns effectively.

Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Bridges, or Dental Implants are among the transformative options available for achieving significant enhancements in your smile’s aesthetics and functionality. Many patients are pleasantly surprised by the ease with which remarkable improvements can be achieved, often requiring only subtle adjustments. When guided by the expertise of a full mouth reconstruction specialist in Beverly Hills, such as Dr. Rodney or Dr. Raanan, a comprehensive evaluation of all potential treatment avenues is undertaken, prioritizing patient comfort and aiming for the most optimal results.


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best porcelain dental veneers in Beverly Hills. Let Rodney  Raanan help you Own Your Smile™.


If your teeth are extensively worn, chipped, or missing, it can contribute to an appearance of aging, potentially making you look older than your actual age. This condition also creates a sense of exhaustion in your appearance and feelings. By restoring the vertical dimension of your teeth, Dr. Rodney Raanan can reintroduce fullness to the lower face and, in turn, contributes to the achievement of a natural and youthful smile.
Full Mouth Reconstruction not only enhances the functional aspect of your teeth, leading to an improved quality of life, but it also has the potential to restore your self-confidence and significantly impact your personal and professional interactions. Each treatment incorporated in the Full Mouth Reconstruction process is meticulously designed to produce a healthy and authentic appearance. Many of Dr. Rodney’s patients express that after completing their full mouth restorations, they feel renewed energy and youthfulness.

Is a full mouth reconstruction a suitable option for my current dental condition?

For patients whose teeth are aesthetically displeasing, misshapen, or badly discolored, the primary purpose of full mouth reconstruction may be cosmetic. It may also be recommended for patients with the following difficulties:
  • Crowns that are no longer functional
  • Wear from grinding or clenching teeth
  • An injury to your teeth or mouth due to a traumatic accident
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • An unbalanced bite

If any of the conditions above affect you, it’s a compelling reason to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodney Raanan. Suppose your teeth have experienced significant damage or are experiencing TMJ disorder symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, or popping sounds in the jaw. In that case, you might also be suitable for Full Mouth Reconstruction.

If you’re dealing with issues like missing teeth or gum disease that have led to an unbalanced bite, or if you’re experiencing pain that could be related to TMJ disorder, a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills is a potential solution to address these problems. Patients who have experienced tooth damage due to chronic teeth clenching or grinding may also find Full Mouth Reconstruction beneficial.


Determining the cost of a full mouth reconstruction is not a one-size-fits-all matter. The price varies based on the unique dental needs of each patient. Since every individual’s dental issues are distinct, the cost can differ significantly from one patient to another.
The most accurate way to address this question in your case is to schedule an appointment with the experienced Beverly Hills Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert Rodney. They will thoroughly assess your situation to provide tailored information. To understand which treatments align with your dental goals and requirements, contact our office today and arrange a one-on-one consultation.


A Full Mouth Reconstruction encompasses many therapeutic dental procedures, from surgically placing implants to minimally invasive cosmetic restorations. Certain procedures carry a higher likelihood of causing discomfort, and individual patients can vary in their susceptibility to dental pain. While some sensitivity during dental work is typical, Dr. Rodney and Dr. Raanan and their skilled dental restoration team excel in managing discomfort.

We dedicate significant effort to ensure optimal comfort, employing cutting-edge technology and techniques. Dr. Rodney and Dr. Raanan thoroughly assess your teeth and gums, tailoring a personalized treatment plan to suit your unique needs. Our comprehensive consultation for full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills delivers unparalleled results for your smile makeover, aiming for a stunning and naturally beautiful outcome.

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“I expressed my concerns to him and he carefully listened and addressed every single one of them. Throughout the treatment, he would ask how I was doing, if I had any questions, and would update me every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with the final result!

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