Periodontal concerns can transform your smile's impact.

Being proactive can halt the progression of gum disease (and even avert it altogether!).

This can be easily achieved with regular at-home oral care, following your dentist’s advice, and getting prophylactic periodontal cleanings at Dr. Rodney Raanan’s office.

Book your personalized Beverly Hills Periodontal Maintenance appointment at Dr. Rodney Raanan’s today to safeguard the long-term health of your teeth and gums, ensuring a lifetime of stunning smiles.


Preventing dental diseases like periodontitis (gum disease) demands a proactive approach to daily oral health maintenance.

Dr. Rodney Raanan’s dentists have consistently observed that the healthiest and most radiant smiles belong to those who adhere to dental recommendations. These practices include brushing teeth in the morning and evening, refraining from smoking, adopting a healthy diet that avoids excessive sugary consumption, daily flossing, and attending biannual dental visits that encompass oral examinations and regular teeth cleanings. Incorporating these measures into your oral health regimen aids in maintaining a vibrant smile throughout life.

At Rodney Raanan Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry, we recognize that while these steps might seem straightforward, life’s demands can sometimes overshadow oral health. That’s perfectly understandable. Our top-tier dental team is here to address dental issues faced by individuals in Beverly Hills and beyond. We offer tailored dental care to restore a healthy smile, even in life’s busyness.


Effective prevention of tooth loss and gum decay requires a collaborative partnership between the dentist and the patient. Through this mutual effort, Dr. Rodney Raanan assists patients in sidestepping costly and unforeseen dental procedures, mitigating the discomfort from untreated dental problems, and attaining a vibrant and healthy smile that fosters self-confidence. In our practice, periodontal maintenance is critical, particularly for patients with a history of gum infections due to inadequate oral care.

Does periodontitis have lasting effects? Why is it crucial to address??

Periodontitis is a persistent infection within small pockets between the teeth and the gum line. If not addressed, this condition persists and advances gradually.

In the absence of prompt treatment for periodontitis, which typically involves scaling, root planing, and bacterial management at the dentist, it’s only a matter of time before tooth loss becomes inevitable for a patient. In severe cases of periodontitis, the jaw bone is impacted, resulting in permanent bone loss that may not be reversible. Furthermore, gum disease is associated with heart disease, COPD, diabetes, and inflammatory conditions and can lead to complications during pregnancy in women.

Hence, undergoing a dental examination and periodontal cleaning without delay is imperative. At Rodney Raanan, our exceptional dental team excels in smile restoration, aiming to provide Beverly Hills with the finest periodontal cleaning. Years of experience consistently demonstrate that prevention and maintaining excellent oral hygiene are the cornerstones of a healthy, vibrant smile. The positive news is that gum disease is treatable if addressed early and entirely preventable through routine periodontal cleanings at the dentist and healthy oral care practices at home.

Following treatment from our experienced team of dentists, individuals undergoing Beverly Hills periodontal maintenance will undoubtedly encounter a range of advantages right from the outset. Noteworthy benefits of the procedure comprise:

  • Enhanced oral well-being
  • Revitalized breath
  • A gleaming smile, devoid of surface stains and plaque
  • Teeth and gums you can take pride in for their healthiness
  • A radiant smile, devoid of surface stains and plaque,
  • Teeth and gums you can confidently take pride in.

What occurs during your periodontal cleaning appointment?

Periodontal maintenance cleanings encompass meticulous examination and comprehensive cleaning to ward off gum disease. This entails:

Suppose a patient encounters any gum disease symptoms (also known as periodontitis). In that case, arranging an appointment for our Beverly Hills deep teeth cleaning at Dr. Rodney Raanan’s Cosmetic Dentistry is crucial. While biannual teeth cleanings at the dentist are recommended to avert tooth and gum decay, these signs might indicate that oral decay has already commenced. Watch for the following signs of periodontitis:

  • Examination: Dental x-rays & visual inspection of the oral cavity.
  • Subgingival cleaning: Elimination of calculus along and beneath the gumline.
  • Supragingival cleaning: Dental scaling instruments are employed to cleanse the visible portion of teeth above the gum line, removing plaque buildup and upper-level calculus.
  • Scaling and Root planing: Delicate smoothing of the tooth’s root is conducted to eliminate any lingering bacteria.

Committed to the lasting oral health of patients with a prior history of gum disease, Dr. Rodney Raanan’s Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry offers effective solutions. A Beverly Hills periodontal treatment at Rodney Raanan facilitates a comprehensive evaluation of teeth and gums to identify tooth decay and gum disease indications. In conjunction with a visual assessment of the oral cavity, X-rays might be utilized to ensure the absence of recurring periodontal issues. Contact our reception team today to schedule your periodontal treatment by dialing (310) 205-5300.


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the Dr. Rodney Raanan’s Pracitice; he will help you Own Your Smile™.

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