Fly in for Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry
Whether you hail from Silicon Valley, New York or even abroad, our out of town concierge team will help you to arrange all the details so your trip is seamless and you can experience the very best cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills has to offer, no matter where you live.


No matter where you live, we understand that you don’t want the quality of your dental care to be limited by geographic boundaries. Beverly Hills is a renowned destination for medical tourism and aesthetic medicine. Those looking for the finest care available, those who simply won’t settle for less chart a course for 90210. And if it’s cosmetic dental care they are looking for, they come to Rodney Raanan. With a reputation as a top cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, we have discreetly cared for celebrity and high-profile clientele from all over the world. Fly in today to receive the VIP treatment you deserve.


If you are ready to plan your visit Rodney Raanan, simply contact our front desk who will connect you with our concierge team.

Not only will they make sure that every detail is arranged for your dental treatment, but they will also assist you in organizing the rest of your stay. Should you require assistance selecting or booking your accommodations, we can aid you every step of the way, leveraging our local relationships to ensure you receive nothing short of 5-star treatment. We can also make recommendations or help you to plan activities during your visit. Whether you desire a post-treatment spa at the Montage Hotel, local dining at one of the city’s finest eateries, or a private shopping experience, we’ll arrange it down to the detail. It’s all part of what makes us one of best dentists in the world.


Porcelain veneers are one of the best ways to perfect your smile. They can help address any or all of the following cosmetic issues in the teeth:
The length of your stay and specifics of your treatment may vary depending upon the exact nature of your needs but overall, your out of town dental rejuvenation experience in Beverly Hills will generally go as follows:
  1. Contact our office to set your initial appointment and give details about your dental goals. We may ask you to send photos in advance so we can get an idea of what will be required help you plan your trip accordingly.
  2. We’ll help you to plan out your trip day by day and get you booked for a tailored Beverly Hills experience like no other.
  3. You’ll arrive and get settled in.
  4. You’ll visit our office in the heart of Beverly Hills for your initial consultation. Here we will finalize your treatment plan and begin preparing your teeth for the work we will be doing.
  5. We will complete your treatment. Depending upon the work being done, several repeat visits may be required and we may need time in between visits to fashion your custom dental restorations in our on-site lab. If needed we can fit you with temporary restoration In between visits and our team will ensure you are relaxed and entertained at all times. In many cases, we can send you home with a dazzling new smile in just one week.


What are you waiting for? Start planning your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry visit today. Don’t settle for a nearby dentist when you know you only want the best. Contact our concierge team and start planning your trip. The smile you’ve always wanted is waiting for you. SCHEDULE A C


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best porcelain dental veneers in Beverly Hills. Let Rodney Raanan help you Own Your Smile™.

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