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At Giving a Smile Foundation, we partner with dental specialists and students, assistants, hygienists, and nutritionists, who all volunteer their time and expertise to serve our youth. 

We invite you to join our cause as well. We are continuously seeking new partnerships, whether they be with private companies, universities, or simply a good Samaritan. Together, we can make a lasting impact that empowers our children to build a better future, a brighter world filled with brighter smiles. 

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smiling child wearing shirt with "Giving a Smile" logo

''At the Giving a Smile Foundation, we want to empower our children to build a better future and a brighter world, filled with brighter smiles.''

Educate - Empower - Connect

Dr. Rodney Raanan with fellow dentist and patient


The Giving a Smile Foundation  provides a safe environment for children from underserved families to learn about their oral health, receive free dental work, and learn about nutrition. Most of all, the children get to experience a different world, make new friends, and gain hope that they too, one day can become that next doctor, hygienist, nutritionist, or whatever other career they hope to achieve. They also leave with a beautiful smile that helps them enter the world with confidence.


According to the Public Policy Institute of California, 28.3 percent of children in Los Angeles are living below the poverty line. These children have limited exposure to proper nutrition and proper dental care, putting them at a greater risk for oral health problems. 

A staggering number of students in these areas regularly miss school days and have trouble concentrating due to the distracting and often painful symptoms of inadequate oral hygiene. They may have anxiety, fatigue, irritability, depression, and may be withdrawn from normal activities. Self-esteem issues from decayed or missing teeth can also affect children’s ability to socialize and participate in school activities. 

two dentists with child


Myself and my brother Dr. Justin Raanan, who is also a dentist, share a passion not only for Dentistry, but also for giving back to our communities. We agreed that the best way to tackle the deficit was to dream big, and create a large scale, sustainable operation, which encourages oral healthcare as a lifestyle starting from a young age. By committing to children, they will not only be given a healthy smile, but the confidence to face a brighter future.  And so, from this commitment, The Giving a Smile Foundation was born.

Dr. Rodney Raanan and Dr. Justin Raanan in front of "Giving a Smile" wallpaper


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