Your appointment will involve an individualized meeting with either Dr. Rodney or Dr. Raanan. In this session, the doctor will dedicate time to comprehensively grasp your individuality, objectives, and carefully assess your smile. This will provide them with all the necessary details to create a treatment strategy that is entirely tailored to your needs. It is through this meticulous consultation procedure that guarantees each patient receives a wholly unique treatment, preventing any instances of identical plans for two different patients.

“I have never met a doctor as thorough as he was. Explaining who he is and what he does and the outcome for each individual patient with visuals and photos, before and afters, etc. You will feel so comfortable, welcomed, being a patient in his practice.”

What to expect from your consultation:

  • Personalized session with an experienced cosmetic dentist
  • A platform to express your worries and aspirations
  • The chance to have all your inquiries addressed
  • A comprehensive assessment of your teeth and treatment requirements
  • A customized treatment outline designed specifically for you
  • A lucid comprehension of the enhancements we can offer for your smile.
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